GReek electronic ACTIVities Network

we offer various services but we also engage in our own projects

on this site there is a description of our activities

among them is the creation of our own websites for various purposes

Pragmatika     Nea Arche    Nastazia Agency     Photos     Web Books

their description and contact info can be found at


We have an innovative structure and an innovative way of operating. We make great use of technology, the internet and remote collaboration. We provide more information selectively.


The structure and way of operation ensure: a) low running costs transfered to customers b) witdgh and depth of activities c) high flexibility d) convenience for customers and partners.

Price range

We offer a wide range of quality levels and corresponding prices. Our customers can choose the level they want. The price-to-quality ratio is always the best in the market.



business & investment consulting


networks ◊ retail chains


projects ◊ entrepreneurship